About Us

Deb SpragginsIn 2007 I received the news I would soon become a grandmother. Since my children received quilts from their grandmother, I decided I’d better get busy and keep the tradition going. Off to the quilt store I went. I picked out a pattern, fabric, and the necessary quilting tools. I really didn’t think I’d finish the quilt but I would give it a good try.

To my amazement and that of my family – I finished the quilt and really enjoyed it. I was addicted!!!

Discovering  “If you don’t have the right tools, it’s difficult to complete.” I discovered many new and wonderful tools.

Advancing my skills with the tools I used, I decided to share my knowledge and expertise with other quilters. Boutiques and More, an internet e-commerce store, was launched. At the same time, I started giving presentations and demonstrations at quilt shows and quilt guild meetings focusing on the use of popular tools. Through my travels over the United States, I became known as the “Tool Lady”.

As my skills with the tools advanced, I decided to look at further expanding my business. I designed my first quilt pattern, the Twirl and Swirl Placemat. Over the years I have increased my line to 10 additional patterns.

As a “lefty”, I find some of the quilting techniques very challenging. One of my biggest challenges is mitering corners on projects. I designed my tool, “The Miter Binder” to create a mitered corner in 4 different sizes with exact precision for both lefties and righties.

With the growth of my knowledge and experience, my opportunities increased. I was going absolutely looney with presentations, teaching, and meeting new quilters, but most of all having fun. I decided my business name should fit my business, therefore: “Looney Bin Quilting”.

I now have the opportunity to represent Tucker University in the use of Studio 180 Tools. My goal is to teach quilters to become accurate, creative and, most importantly, to have fun with each of the tools. I look forward to seeing you in one of my classes or at a quilt guild meeting soon.